My Book

My Book

My name is Sundar Chandra Bhattarai. I live in Pokhara, Nepal. I am writing from my home at  Pokhara, Nepal. I visited Sydney, Australia from December 1996 – May 2001 in 3.5 years of student visa and 1 year in medical & psychiatric assessment done at Mathew Talbot hostel, Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

I have very few memories of my experiences during school period, relatively more from college, comparatively complicated from my work at Council for Technical Education & Vocational Training (it is a reputed & successful Nepalese organization based at Kathmandu Nepal & launch programs at different parts of Nepal) as an assistant forestry instructor for 1 year & very short but glanced from 4 and half years of Australia visit.


I was very inactive during my schooling; I was living very lazy life without any enthusiasm during my proficiency level study at Forestry Campus, Pokhara. I was living in an excitement during my work as an assistant forestry instructor at Lamjung [adjacent district (topographical division) to ours).And I was thinking & thinking staying at home after resigning a job.

After a year staying at my home, I went to Australia Sydney in a student visa initially for 1.5 year. I extended my student visa for another 2 years & Lived 1 year in medical & psychiatric assessment at Mathew Talbot Hostel, Woolloomooloo.

It has been 17 years of my arrival at home in Pokhara, Nepal from Australia & have written these pages from my experiences gathered few at Nepal before going to Australia & after returning to Nepal from Australia and mostly from Australia. I have tried to connect those to make this book interesting. I have given it a title “Loser, Winner & Heroism”. I expect this is readable for consolation to my struggling & controversial years at age of 45. Words written are mainly from what I saw, did & heard. These pages are mainly written in connection with The Royal Massacre of Nepal & 9/11 terrorist attack to United States of America. It is written after many years of incidents & strongly believes that it can be read by readers interested in those incidents.

I am living in normal days with my family after evaluated by Dr. K. Ramesh; a psychiatric consultant of Manipal Teaching Hospital, Phulbari, Pokhara, Nepal. I am grateful to Professor Dr. Digvijaya Timilsina for referring me to him. I am thankful to my parents, moreover to my lovely wife who struggled together with me. I am to dedicate this work to my 13 years old son.

These pages have been written in the process of salvation in Christianity, admiring Hindu religion, and away from any types of religious purpose. Guessing after finding watchable from the beginning & lived for 4.5 years in normal fashion, probably I will never be able to imagine how much  resources have been utilized & how much efforts have been put to make me able to return home for my betterment  in very isolated condition. These pages tell heartbreaking movement of Christian communities at Sydney to send me back home compelled to grief & relief at that period.  Many Words written in this book are written to obey kingdom of god through as many readers as I can make. It also has a big expectation of making money to spend which will make me able to stand in a reality to enjoy with self respect.

In the beginning, I give sincere gratitude to everyone who spent their big or small part of life with me at Gandaki Boarding School, Forestry Campus. I appreciate each & every person known to me during my engagement with CTEVT. Neighbors & relatives witnessed me in my different appearances of loneliness; worries & depression are blessed in this article.

Strangers from Denmark & Australia with whom I worked before leaving Nepal to Australia certainly are an inspiration. World Hindu Federation has been counted to the extent of making me loyal to Nepal Government after I returned home. I am without regretfully happy to contribute my expertise for the beneficial of my motherland in any way if necessary. May peace & prosperity remains on earth. Thank you.


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